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Saga Hibachi Restaurant in Foxborough opened few years ago with huge capacity gourmet dining. Saga Hibachi has grown into two locations, thanks to our satisfied customers who have enjoyed fine dining experience and hospitality over the period of years. We are committed to quality without any compromise both in the freshest ingredients used to prepare Gourmet Cuisine recipes by the owners and also in servicing the same to clients with utmost heart and care. We provide diversity in our food items and use simple condiments to add flavour to our food. You will also get light dipping sauces, citrus, miso, wasabi, pickles and soya sauce with the main course. We are known to provide fresh and unprocessed food with little amounts of refined foods or sugars. At Saga Hibachi Steakhouse, our food items contain a rich quantity of grains and vegetables along with a moderate amount of animal products. Always freshly made sushi and rolls are styled, presented and tastes delicious. We have combined the traditional Japanese and new dishes with modern cuisine, sourcing a wide range of choices to choose and using the best Japanese ingredients. We aim to convey our passion for food in a way which gives you a perspective on our quest for perfect ingredients, technique and a desire to create food to appease our guests. Check out our menu and place your order now. Let us show you that our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority!Fresh and bursting with authentic flavours is what Saga Hibachi Steakhouse has to offer.

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